Everyone will know by now that the press in Kernow are gagged and so we are sending this message around.
The Cornish National Liberation Army (CNLA) have now changed their name to the Cornish Republican Army (CRA). This is because from the beginning, others have been using our name for their own reasons. This has resulted in many people being arrested. These people are not of our organisation. They have been copycats from the start although we do not condemn them as they all appear to be genuine patriots. No member of our organisation has ever been arrested. The police who are controlled by the English Imperial System (EIS) have come nowhere near our membership. None of our members can be members of any other organisation in Kernow nor do any of our activists know the identity of anyone else other than their own 'partner'. Also, the title Cornish Republican Army makes fundraising easier as it more closely describes us and is easily recognised in the USA and in the other Celtic Nations.

The previous AN GOF programme to remove all flags of St. George (white with a red cross) from our Country of Cornwall (Kernow) will be incorporated into the new tactical objectives plan.

We are pleased to announce substantial funding from the other Celtic Countries and from Irish groups in the United States of America. Our growing membership, a combination of younger and more experienced patriots, operating in devolved groups under the control of a central Council have received training from members of the Free Wales Army (FWA), the Scottish National Liberation Army (SNLA) and members of the Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) and the now defunct Provisional Irish Republican Army (Provo IRA). We have recruited members from one of these organisations into the CRA and hope others will follow. We do have limited weapons available but intend to reply on more controlled methods to achieve our aims.

Our organisation has grown and we now have one member who is prepared to pay the ultimate price in the battle for Kernow. She realises that the EIS police are prepared to commit murder as happened in London when an innocent man was killed by them - Jean Charles Menezes. She is prepared to sacrifice herself although we shall not ask for this lightly - only as a last measure.
We did set off a practise device in the old Redruth Brewery and are responsible for the two fires in Truro and the one in Penryn.
We are also responsible for the damage to Stein´s Restaurant. The fact that the EIS police arrested someone in Coventry is a 'red herring'.
We have removed literally scores of Blood Cross flags and destroyed them.
We have also issued warnings to owners of holiday businesses flying the blood cross flag.
We have always admitted responsibility to the press for our actions.
They have not published most of these admissions and we think that they have been gagged by the EIS.
We have ceased activities against Stein and Oliver, but our activities against second and expensive English owned homes will continue. We also intend to target those authorities including the EIS police who victimise Cornish people. What have we to fear or lose - nothing.
We note that others are damaging the English Tudor Signs and we support this action. Letters sent to the EIS are wasted efforts. The English have never allowed freedom to any peoples without a fight and although we understand those who believe that freedom can be won through democracy or political means, we do not accept this. What has really been won this past 50 years? - nothing other than an ethnic cleansing of the people of Kernow.
We are in no hurry to conduct actions and so these will happen over a period of time.

Whilst we greatly admire and respect the efforts of Cornish Nationals who seek change through moderate means, we note that previous members of the IRA are now in power in the North of Ireland showing that there is a place for military action. Therefore we may use direct means to underline the efforts of moderate Cornish Nationals.

Kernow Bys Vyken !

Any readers can feel free to circulate this message anywhere.