Sunday, 16 April 2017

Thandie Newton and serial allegations of Cornish "racism"


This is not the first time that this "actress" has made UNPROVEN claims in the mass media that Cornish people in Penzance were "racist" during the 1970's, which is itself racist against the protected Cornish national minority.

QUOTE: "There was verbal abuse from a neighbour who told her to 'go back to the jungle', and unwanted attention as the family walked around the mainly white Cornish town. And there was the day, aged just seven, she was banned by nuns from appearing in her school photograph because her hair had been plaited into corn-rows by her Zimbabwean mother..."

Some of the readers' comments are also racist against the Cornish:

Rowan Morrison, Summerisle, United Kingdom

"Even today they're a bit racist in Cornwall. I'm a regular visitor and its noticeable."

The native indigenous Cornish folk are NOT "racist" but we do say that Cornwall should remain majority Cornish for Celtic Cornish people.

Those Cornish folk who wish to complain about the article should contact the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO):


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