Sunday, 9 April 2017

Muvyans Kenethlek Kernewek: An Stat Kernewek



   An Stat Kernewek kepar ha nasyons erel sovraneth yn-tyen a-wra governya war dyr yn rannow ystorek dhe Gernow (Avon Tamar war Est) has war vor bys dhe dheucans myldyr a Gernow, po bys yn lynyn dyberthys ynter Kernow ha nasyons yn-ogas (Enys Ywerthon, Kembry, Pow Saws, Breten Vyghan ha Pow Frynk).
   Y-whra kemyn voys yn Enesow Syllan dhe ran Kernow ryth, gre a geverang a-dal dhedha, mes gans scojow scorrenek. Baner Peran, crows wyn war dhu. Y-tal dhodho dhe vos gwyskys war pup drehevyans an stat, pup scol po pub pyth an stat aral. Can an wlas a-vyth Trelawny.
   Ynweth usyes y-fydhyns toknys hag arwedhyow ystorek Kernewek; yn ensompel an besons pympthek, an balores, eythyn, kykesow.
   Muvyans Kenethlek Kernewek a-gry pup tylu dhe gafos gwyr dhe berghenna y anneth y honen. Raghenna pup "trygva nessa" yn Kernow, pewys gans nep perghennek a'n pellder, a-vyth kemeres gans an Stat Kernewek, gans dewys dhe dhebrysow yowynk Kernewek. Stat Kernewek a-wra program dhe dhrehevek chyow, gans denbryasow dhe gafos chons dh'aga frens war ambosow es.
   Stat Kernewek a-wra controlya nyver hag eghen a drygoryon estrenek.
   Carya an bobel dre forth vur, dre vor, dre ayr, a vyth gwellhes yn tyen.
   Ny a-wra mentena ha gwellhe servysys a'n termyn-ma rak sowena ha fysek.
   Tavas an Stat Kernow a-vyth Kernewek. Selyans Stat Kernewek a-styr daserghyans ewn aswonvos gwlasek Kernow, ragtho Kernewek a-vyth mayn negys yn cuntellva ha'n consel.
   Y-fyth determys yn-termyn fundyans an Stat Kernwek po Keltek po Europayn.
   Muvyans Kenethlek Kernewek a-lafur rak Kesfedereth an whegh bro Keltek yn Europ Unys gans taclow yn kemyn ha kevrannow. Dhe wul stoff lowr, fundyans kemyn ha formyans kemyn a-dal mos has bos gwres. Yn ensompel, y-hyller bos yn maters a laghys, mona, unyversytys, pellwollok, radyo, paperyow, taclow erbysek, cunys, sportys, megyans, bagasow yowynk, sclewyans ha lyscannaseth.
   An Stat Kernewek a-wra lu sclewyans trygva, kevrennys dhe dhus an pow ha rannow governans cyvyl. Porpos an nerthow-na-a-vyth rak sclewyans unsel. Stat Kernow ny-wra omsettyas erbyn pobel aral po stat aral. Lu-lystry a scathow rak dyffresyans pyskessa ha lystry-gonys a-vyth mentenys dhe dhefendya possessyans morek Kernow.
   Envyrys ' vyth polysy an Stat Kernow wor'tu ha keslafuryans ha cres orth gwlasow aral oll, ha whylas gwyryoneth hag ewnder dres an norvys. Unsys an broyow Keltek a vyth synsys yn ughel.


   The Cornish State like other nation states total sovereignty will be exercised by the Cornish State over the land within its traditional border (the river Tamar in the east), and over sea areas up to 200 miles from the Cornish mainland, including rocks and islands contained within that area, or to median lines between Cornwall and neighbouring states (i.e. Ireland, Wales, England, Brittany and France).
   A special referendum may be held to see if the Scilly Isles wish to become part of an independent Cornwall. If they do, they may have Hundred status, but with other devolutionary safeguards. The national flag of the Cornish State will be the cross of St Piran, white cross on black, and it should be flown at all times from all public buildings, schools, other state-owned properties. The national song will be Trelawny.
   Use should also be made of such traditional Cornish emblems as the 15 bezants, the chough, gorse.
   The Cornish National Movement believes that every family should have the right to own its own home. To this end, all "second homes" in Kernow owned by absentee landlords would be taken over by the Cornish State and re-sold to Cornish people, young homeless couples being given preference. The Cornish State would also embark on a house-building programme, with couples being given the opportunity to buy homes from them on easy terms.
   The Cornish State will have control over the number and nature of immigrants.
    Public services by road, rail, sea and air will be radically improved.
    Existing medical and welfare services for the old, sick and young will be radically developed and improved.
    Cornwall's official language will be Cornish and since the establishment of the Cornish State will involve the real revival of Cornish national consciousness Cornish will be the language of communication at assembly and council levels.
   The decision as to whether to have its own currency or to have a common Celtic or European one will be made on the establishment of the Cornish State.
   The Cornish National Movement works for the establishment of a Confederation of the six Celtic countries within a United Europe with certain common institutions and links. Where resources are insufficient at the level of individual Celtic national units, common Celtic institutions and organisations should be established. Such united institutions could be in fields such as law, currency, universities, television, radio and the press, the economy, energy sources, sports, culture, youth movements, defence and ambassadorial recognition.
   The Cornish State will create a home defence force, linked to local communities and civil units of administration. The objective of such forces will be purely defensive and the Cornish State has no aggressive designs on any other people or state. A flotilla of fishery protection vessels and gun-boats will be maintained to protect Cornish offshore rights.
   The foreign policy of the Cornish State will be that of world peace and international co-operation and to see that right and justice prevail throughout the world. Inter-Celtic unity will be promoted.

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