Thursday, 6 April 2017

Cornwall Local Elections & UK General Election 2017 - VOTE CORNISH!

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Mebyon Kernow (Kernewek: Sons of Cornwall) - The Party for Cornwall are standing in 32 local seats out of a total of 123 in the forthcoming local elections in Cornwall - to be held on Thursday 4th May 2017. The Liberal Democrats are contesting all 123 seats, a political record in Kernow. UKIP only have 21 candidates when they had 77 last time around. MK need to grow and stand more candidates in future, if their aim of a devolved Cornish Assembly similar to kindred Celtic Wales is to be achieved. The Cornish National Movement has differences with some of Mebyon Kernow's policies and their left-wing position but we do encourage our supporters to vote for MK candidates, as a protest vote against the mismanagement and neglect of the big London-based parties of Lib-Lab and Con, inward migration, overdevelopment and "second homes".

                                                    CORNISH NATIONALIST PARTY


The Cornish Nationalist Party have one local councillor, CNP leader Androw Hawke who is a parish councillor on Polperro Community Council who will be defending his seat on May 4th. The CNP used to stand for full Cornish Independence but no longer does so. Their main current aim is to preserve the Celtic identity of Cornwall and the Cornish people. There is nothing wrong with such an aim in the opinion of the CNM.


There are a number of Cornish-born and bred Independent candidates standing in the local elections in Kernow next month who have the best interests of our Cornish Nation and Race at heart.



BREAKING NEWS: British State Prime Minister, Theresa May has announced a snap UK General Election for June 8th 2017, in a surprise statement at 10 Downing Street. We would expect that Mebyon Kernow would contest all 6 parliamentary seats in Cornwall as they did last time.

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