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Aims and Objectives of the Cornish National Movement

CORNISH NATIONAL MOVEMENT (CNM) - MUVYANS KENETHLEK KERNEWEK (MKK) is an ethnic-nationalist organisation dedicated to campaigning for Cornish National Freedom, Preservation of the Celtic Cornish People, Social Justice, National Democracy and Pan-Celtic European Unity.


Ten Points for Cornish Action

1. Self-government for Cornwall and the creation of a devolved Cornish Parliament within Britain as the first step on the road to National Revolution and a Cornish Republic in co-operation with the other Celtic Nations of Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man, Ireland, Brittany, and the ancient Celtic regions of Galicia, Asturias and Cantabria in northern Spain and Celtica in northern Italy and Europe.
2. The recognition of the St Piran's Cross as the national flag of Cornwall and the declaration of St Piran's Day as a Public Holiday in Cornwall, the teaching of the Cornish language of Kernewek in schools, the official adoption of Trelawny as the Cornish national anthem, the issuing of Cornish stamps by a nationalised Cornish Post Office, Cornish control of the media and tourism in Cornwall, and the conservation of Cornwall's countryside and environment with heavy fines for pollution and litter. Natural resources of energy based on tide and wind power, solar energy, off-shore oil and gas will be utilised where possible. The retention of the Tamar Border with Anglo-Saxon England and a total rejection of the Devonwall plan. Encourage the development of and investment in the Cornish Arts, Culture, Heritage, Sport, Scientific Research and genuine Medical Research which does not involve testing on animals. A Cornish National Health Service must be free for all Cornish citizens. Scrap the unfair bedroom tax.
3. Cornwall for the Cornish. An end to uncontrolled non-Cornish, non-Celtic and non-European immigration into Cornwall with the deportation of illegal immigrants and those immigrants convicted of serious criminal offences. A Cornish Nationalist Government will assist those non-European immigrants who wish to return permanently to their homelands of ancestral ethnic origin with generous resettlement grants. Put Cornish people first in employment, housing, education, health and social welfare. Cornish Homes for Cornish People and a ban on the foreign ownership of second homes. This is realism and common sense not racism.
4. Higher wages for Cornish workers, lower taxes with the abolition of income tax and its replacement by a fairer tax on spending and luxury goods, cheaper prices for Cornish consumers, equal pay for Cornish women and worthwhile apprenticeships, training and summer camps for our young people as part of a Cornish National Youth Movement.
5. Cornish Jobs for Cornish Workers. Free enterprise for Cornish small businesses, Cornish control of industry in Cornwall, the encouragement of worker-owner co-operative management of firms and a Third Way policy Beyond Right and Left of Cornish Economic Nationalism to replace the failed old ideologies of Global Monopoly Capitalism and International Marxist Socialism. Public Ownership of water, gas, electricity and transport in Cornwall. Property ownership is a fundamental right of the Cornish people and the means of production should be distributed as widely as possible. Cornish National Government must have the right to coin, issue and regulate the value of money through a Cornish State owned Cornish National Bank not the Bank of England. The payment of an annual Social Credit-National Dividend to all Cornish people which will abolish poverty in Cornwall. The revival of the Cornish Dynar as a debt-free currency and an end to the Usury system of the International Banks such as the Rothschilds and Goldman Sachs. Encourage Cornish people to buy Cornish goods and foodstuffs with less reliance on foreign imports leading to greater Cornish self-sufficiency. Funding and subsidies for Cornish farmers and fishermen with an emphasis on organic agriculture, small family farms and an exclusion zone around Cornish waters reserved for Cornish fishing boats only. A real revival of the Cornish mining industry.
6. Put Cornwall First in a New Reformed European Union of Sovereign Nations for the European Peoples which will become superior to and replace the present day corrupt and anti-nationalist EU. The New European Nationalist Union will officially recognise the Independence of the Cornish Nation as well as other small nations in Europe such as Catalonia, Flanders and the Basque country.
7. The revival of a Cornish Police Force and the return of law and order with more Cornish police officers on the beat and tougher sentences for criminal offences, with the holding of a referendum on the restoration of capital punishment especially for the murderers of children. Support for traditional marriage between a man and a woman and opposition to abortion on demand. Encourage the native indigenous Celtic Cornish folk to have larger families with generous financial rewards for motherhood. Higher Cornish standards of animal welfare and increased sentences for cruelty to animals and livestock. The proper labelling of Kosher and Halal foods and imports giving Cornish consumers a real choice of whether they wish to buy such foods or not.
8. The formation of a Cornish Defence Force composed of a Cornish Army, Cornish Navy and Cornish Air Force.
9. The adoption of a position of armed neutrality for a Cornish National People's State like Ireland and Switzerland. Sympathy for other oppressed peoples overseas such as the Palestinians and Tibetans, in their struggle for National Freedom against the brutal occupation of their homelands by Zionism and Communism.
10. A Cornish Bill of Rights guaranteeing freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, the right to join Cornish Trade Unions, freedom of the press with the right to reply and freedom of religion.









Celtic Cross flags and badges in the Cornish national colours of white and black (as shown in the photographs above) are now available. Celtic Cross flags £10.00 each, Celtic Cross badges £3.00 each payable online via Paypal (note send as a GIFT i.e. family/friends so there are less charges) to:


* A Celtic Tomorrow: Essays in Cornish Nationalism by Dr James Whetter
* The Celtic Background of Kernow by Dr James Whetter
* Program an Party Kenethlegek Kernow/Programme of the Cornish Nationalist Party by Dr James Whetter
* Cornish Essays 1971-76 by Dr James Whetter
* An Baner Kernewek/The Cornish Banner edited by Dr James Whetter
* Kenethel Gernewek/Cornish Nation edited by Dr James Whetter
* An Kenethlor/The Nationalist (journal)
* The land's end? The great sale of Cornwall by Bernard Deacon
* Cornwall and the Cornish by Mebyon Kernow
* For Cornwall - A Future! by Len Truran
* Following An Gof - Leonard Truran, Cornish Activist and Publisher by Derek R. Williams
* What Cornishmen Can Do: A Statement on the Economic Development of Cornwall by Mebyon Kernow
* The importance of being Cornish in Cornwall by Charles Thomas
* Mebyon Kernow & Cornish Nationalism by Bernard Deacon, Dick Cole & Garry Tregidga
* An English-Cornish and Cornish-English Dictionary edited by Robert Morton Nance



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