Friday, 28 April 2017

Cornwall for the Cornish


The CORNISH NATIONAL MOVEMENT calls for an end to uncontrolled non-Cornish, non-Celtic and non-European immigration, and a halt to the influx of bogus refugees, economic migrants and asylum seekers into Kernow, our native homeland. Genuine refugees must be given a safe haven in the nearest available country NOT imported into Cornwall from thousands of miles away from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The CNM is NOT  "racist" or "white supremacist" as we support the oppressed Palestinian, Tibetan and Native American Indian peoples overseas, and we also call in solidarity with those peoples for an end to Israeli Zionist, Chinese Communist and American CIA infiltration into Kernow.

The CNM believes in CORNWALL FOR THE CELTIC CORNISH PEOPLE and we seek to achieve such an objective by legal political action only. Do we really want to see racial and religious hatred, violence, ISIS extremist terrorism and the mass rape of white women by immigrants in Cornwall, as happens on a regular basis in the multi-cultural and multi-racial cities and towns of  England, France, Germany, Sweden, Italy and other European lands?

The violent incidents at the Cornwall Mosque and Asian Islamic Community Centre (formerly a Cornish Christian Chapel) shows that multi-culturalism does not work, and creates tension and hatred between the native Cornish folk and immigrants. (However, the CNM is NOT "Islamophobic" and we have no problem with the small number of law-abiding indigenous Cornish Celtic people who are converts to the Muslim faith). The only way forward to stop such incidents of violence is to stop unrestricted non-Cornish, non-Celtic and non-European immigration and to encourage immigrants to return permanently to their homelands of ancestral ethnic origin, with generous resettlement grants paid to foreigners and Aliens by a Cornish Nationalist Government.

                               FELLOW CORNISH MEN AND CORNISH WOMEN


YOU have no quarrel with the immigrants but you have every quarrel with the liberals of the Tory, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties who are determined to integrate them and so change our ethnic Cornish Celtic stock, impoverish our culture and destroy our breed.


YOU cannot be forced by the Home Secretary to like the way of life of the non-Cornish, non-Celtic and Third World peoples, but while they are here they are entitled to the protection of the law.

                                           DON'T BREAK THE LAW!

Break the Power of the UK Government!

Break the poisonous influence of the Renegades, Traitors, Tories, Socialists, Liberal Democrats, Marxists, Communists, Zionists and Multi-Culturalists!

CORNWALL FOR THE CORNISH is the only answer, singly we can do nothing. Together we can save Cornwall from the Final Betrayal.



The Independent Nationalist magazine "Heritage and Destiny" (formerly the journal of the ethno-nationalist England First Party) have generously agreed to publish our article "Cornwall for the Cornish" in their May-June 2017 issue, No. 78. The article penned by Tristan Bolitho runs to four A4 size pages with photographs, and includes the history of Cornish Nationalism, Mebyon Kernow, Cornish Nationalist Party, Cornish Nationalist Greenshirts, Cornish Blackshirts, Cornish Front and of course our own Cornish National Movement. For a copy send £5 online via Paypal (note send as a GIFT i.e. family/friends so there are less charges) to:



The Heritage and Destiny Group also sells Celtic Cross flags and badges in the Cornish national colours of white and black (as shown in the photographs above). Celtic Cross flags cost £10.00, Celtic Cross badges cost £3.00 payable online via Paypal (note send as a GIFT i.e. family/friends so there are less charges) to:

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Cornish National Movement for Pan-Celtic Unity






We are of CORNWALL

We are of WALES

We are of BRITTANY

We are of SCOTLAND

We are of IRELAND

We are of the ISLE OF MAN

We are of GALICIA

We are of ASTURIAS


We are of CELTICA





Sunday, 16 April 2017

Thandie Newton and serial allegations of Cornish "racism"


This is not the first time that this "actress" has made UNPROVEN claims in the mass media that Cornish people in Penzance were "racist" during the 1970's, which is itself racist against the protected Cornish national minority.

QUOTE: "There was verbal abuse from a neighbour who told her to 'go back to the jungle', and unwanted attention as the family walked around the mainly white Cornish town. And there was the day, aged just seven, she was banned by nuns from appearing in her school photograph because her hair had been plaited into corn-rows by her Zimbabwean mother..."

Some of the readers' comments are also racist against the Cornish:

Rowan Morrison, Summerisle, United Kingdom

"Even today they're a bit racist in Cornwall. I'm a regular visitor and its noticeable."

The native indigenous Cornish folk are NOT "racist" but we do say that Cornwall should remain majority Cornish for Celtic Cornish people.

Those Cornish folk who wish to complain about the article should contact the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO):

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Muvyans Kenethlek Kernewek: An Stat Kernewek



   An Stat Kernewek kepar ha nasyons erel sovraneth yn-tyen a-wra governya war dyr yn rannow ystorek dhe Gernow (Avon Tamar war Est) has war vor bys dhe dheucans myldyr a Gernow, po bys yn lynyn dyberthys ynter Kernow ha nasyons yn-ogas (Enys Ywerthon, Kembry, Pow Saws, Breten Vyghan ha Pow Frynk).
   Y-whra kemyn voys yn Enesow Syllan dhe ran Kernow ryth, gre a geverang a-dal dhedha, mes gans scojow scorrenek. Baner Peran, crows wyn war dhu. Y-tal dhodho dhe vos gwyskys war pup drehevyans an stat, pup scol po pub pyth an stat aral. Can an wlas a-vyth Trelawny.
   Ynweth usyes y-fydhyns toknys hag arwedhyow ystorek Kernewek; yn ensompel an besons pympthek, an balores, eythyn, kykesow.
   Muvyans Kenethlek Kernewek a-gry pup tylu dhe gafos gwyr dhe berghenna y anneth y honen. Raghenna pup "trygva nessa" yn Kernow, pewys gans nep perghennek a'n pellder, a-vyth kemeres gans an Stat Kernewek, gans dewys dhe dhebrysow yowynk Kernewek. Stat Kernewek a-wra program dhe dhrehevek chyow, gans denbryasow dhe gafos chons dh'aga frens war ambosow es.
   Stat Kernewek a-wra controlya nyver hag eghen a drygoryon estrenek.
   Carya an bobel dre forth vur, dre vor, dre ayr, a vyth gwellhes yn tyen.
   Ny a-wra mentena ha gwellhe servysys a'n termyn-ma rak sowena ha fysek.
   Tavas an Stat Kernow a-vyth Kernewek. Selyans Stat Kernewek a-styr daserghyans ewn aswonvos gwlasek Kernow, ragtho Kernewek a-vyth mayn negys yn cuntellva ha'n consel.
   Y-fyth determys yn-termyn fundyans an Stat Kernwek po Keltek po Europayn.
   Muvyans Kenethlek Kernewek a-lafur rak Kesfedereth an whegh bro Keltek yn Europ Unys gans taclow yn kemyn ha kevrannow. Dhe wul stoff lowr, fundyans kemyn ha formyans kemyn a-dal mos has bos gwres. Yn ensompel, y-hyller bos yn maters a laghys, mona, unyversytys, pellwollok, radyo, paperyow, taclow erbysek, cunys, sportys, megyans, bagasow yowynk, sclewyans ha lyscannaseth.
   An Stat Kernewek a-wra lu sclewyans trygva, kevrennys dhe dhus an pow ha rannow governans cyvyl. Porpos an nerthow-na-a-vyth rak sclewyans unsel. Stat Kernow ny-wra omsettyas erbyn pobel aral po stat aral. Lu-lystry a scathow rak dyffresyans pyskessa ha lystry-gonys a-vyth mentenys dhe dhefendya possessyans morek Kernow.
   Envyrys ' vyth polysy an Stat Kernow wor'tu ha keslafuryans ha cres orth gwlasow aral oll, ha whylas gwyryoneth hag ewnder dres an norvys. Unsys an broyow Keltek a vyth synsys yn ughel.


   The Cornish State like other nation states total sovereignty will be exercised by the Cornish State over the land within its traditional border (the river Tamar in the east), and over sea areas up to 200 miles from the Cornish mainland, including rocks and islands contained within that area, or to median lines between Cornwall and neighbouring states (i.e. Ireland, Wales, England, Brittany and France).
   A special referendum may be held to see if the Scilly Isles wish to become part of an independent Cornwall. If they do, they may have Hundred status, but with other devolutionary safeguards. The national flag of the Cornish State will be the cross of St Piran, white cross on black, and it should be flown at all times from all public buildings, schools, other state-owned properties. The national song will be Trelawny.
   Use should also be made of such traditional Cornish emblems as the 15 bezants, the chough, gorse.
   The Cornish National Movement believes that every family should have the right to own its own home. To this end, all "second homes" in Kernow owned by absentee landlords would be taken over by the Cornish State and re-sold to Cornish people, young homeless couples being given preference. The Cornish State would also embark on a house-building programme, with couples being given the opportunity to buy homes from them on easy terms.
   The Cornish State will have control over the number and nature of immigrants.
    Public services by road, rail, sea and air will be radically improved.
    Existing medical and welfare services for the old, sick and young will be radically developed and improved.
    Cornwall's official language will be Cornish and since the establishment of the Cornish State will involve the real revival of Cornish national consciousness Cornish will be the language of communication at assembly and council levels.
   The decision as to whether to have its own currency or to have a common Celtic or European one will be made on the establishment of the Cornish State.
   The Cornish National Movement works for the establishment of a Confederation of the six Celtic countries within a United Europe with certain common institutions and links. Where resources are insufficient at the level of individual Celtic national units, common Celtic institutions and organisations should be established. Such united institutions could be in fields such as law, currency, universities, television, radio and the press, the economy, energy sources, sports, culture, youth movements, defence and ambassadorial recognition.
   The Cornish State will create a home defence force, linked to local communities and civil units of administration. The objective of such forces will be purely defensive and the Cornish State has no aggressive designs on any other people or state. A flotilla of fishery protection vessels and gun-boats will be maintained to protect Cornish offshore rights.
   The foreign policy of the Cornish State will be that of world peace and international co-operation and to see that right and justice prevail throughout the world. Inter-Celtic unity will be promoted.

Friday, 7 April 2017

CORNWALL FIRST: The Cornish Nationalist Archive Collection 1968-2017


A selection of images of Cornish Nationalist literature from the CNM Archives past and present. (Click on images to enlarge):

"Cornish Nation" - Journal of Mebyon Kernow (1970-1998):

The Gwyngala 1974 issue of "Cornish Nation" which caused controversy for its tribute to IRA volunteer, Michael Gaughan who died on hunger strike in Parkhurst prison in 1974. The headline on page 69 reads: "MICHAEL GAUGHAN (1950-74) CELTIC HERO. Two of his letters written to friends when on hunger strike."

"The Cornish Banner" - Journal of the Cornish Nationalist Party (1976-2016):

Books written during the 1970's by Dr James Whetter, President of the CNP, former Editor of "Cornish Nation" and current Editor of "The Cornish Banner":

More recent books by Dr Whetter:



CNP Policy Pamphlet 1975:

MK pamphlets circa 1960's & 1970's:

From the CNM Archives Collection:



"The British Political Fringe" by George Thayer published in 1965 includes chapters on Mebyon Kernow, Plaid Cymru, Scottish National Party and Sinn Fein:

"War Raok!" is the magazine published by the Breton Ethno-Nationalist, Adsav Breton People's Party:





The Breton National Party and the Breton Social-National Workers' Movement were Breton pro-Fascist and pro-National Socialist organisations which existed during the 1930's and 1940's in Celtic Brittany. The Bezen Perrot was a Breton Nationalist and anti-Communist volunteer unit during World War II, which was led by Celestin Laine who escaped Allied vengeance and French Communist Partisan reprisals by successfully seeking political asylum in neutral Ireland:


                                        Image result for bezen perrot


Hugh MacDiarmid was a famous Scottish poet and Nationalist who was expelled from the Communist Party for Nationalism and formed a Scottish Fascist organisation during the 1930's called Clann Albainn. After the War he stood as a candidate for the Scottish National Party. Saunders Lewis, the leader of Plaid Cymru - the Welsh Nationalist Party and the SNP leaders, Arthur Donaldson and Douglas Young supported European Fascism and Peace with the New Germany during the 1930's and 1940's:



Arthur Donaldson with young German friends:


Siol nan Gaidheal and Scottish Dawn represent the Ethnic-Nationalist wing of Scottish Nationalism today:

                                         Image result for siol nan gaidheal





Irish Nationalist items:

Literature distributed in Cornwall during the 1950's and 1960's by Cornish supporters of Sir Oswald Mosley, who while a controversial figure attracted support from some Celtic peoples for his backing of a United Ireland:



"Blackshirts in Devon" by Todd Gray includes chapters on the little known history of Fascism in Cornwall:


"The Tithe Wars" by Keith Thompson (also the author of "The Irish Blueshirts") mentions the Cornish Blackshirts, which were active in Cornwall during the 1930's:


Related items:



"National Review" magazine published by the League of St George (No. 44, Winter 1985 issue) included a sympathetic article about Irish Nationalist leader, Michael Collins:

Father Charles Coughlin was an Irish-Canadian Catholic Priest who opposed War and Usury. His hard-hitting radio sermons and the mass rallies of his Christian Front - National Union for Social Justice in America during the 1930's caused controversy, and led the Church to ban him from speaking:


There was also a Christian anti-Communist Front in Ireland which was formed during 1936 by Patrick Belton, and which held mass rallies in Dublin:


Press cutting reads in part: "A man has been expelled from the Cornish branch of the Celtic League after he exposed fascist infiltration into the group. Allen Forster revealed that Alison Nicholls, who was in the key post of secretary, had been a member of the British National Party for four years, had worked for the fascist "Scorpion" magazine, and had recently been involved in the National Front...others who are believed to be fascist activists, including "political soldier" Paul Dunbar, remain...The Celtic League is currently pursuing a regional policy in a European context rather than simple autonomy favoured by many nationalist groups...After the Celtic League AGM held in July, Mr Forster received a death threat through the post signed KNLA (believed to stand for Kernow National Liberation Army). General Secretary of the Celtic League Mr Davyth Fear accused Mr Forster of being "paranoid". Mark Cotterill, South West Organiser of the NF, has admitted that the NF has members in the Cornish branch of the Celtic League as well as in the League's other branches in Wales, Ireland, Scotland and London. Cotterill...boasted that the NF is to launch a new Cornish branch in Camborne in November.":

Mark Cotterill, who is now the Editor of the Independent Nationalist magazine "Heritage and Destiny" published our article about Cornish Nationalism in the May-June 2017, issue No. 78:


During the 1980's, the radical "Political Soldier"/"Third Positionist" wing of the NF expressed support for Celtic Nationalism in Cornwall, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, although their idea of an "Independent Ulster Nation" found little support in the north of the island of Ireland, as the vast majority of Irish Nationalists want a United Ireland:

                                                     The Third Position Handbook

                                                     A Third Positionist Reader.

                                                      Rising - A Booklet for the Political Soldier.
                                                     Image result for national front news


Various Cornish Nationalist and Historical items: